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Aspiring Authors

I have received many wonderful letters and emails from aspiring writers asking for advice, tips, direction. As a writer I am always ready to soak up new information, so I am more than happy to pass on a few things I’ve discovered and have been taught along the way of my own writing journey, and I hope you will find them useful, as well.

*First Draft in 30 Days by Karen Weisner

This is always my first point of reference when asked about writing tips. This is a fabulous workbook that will lead the writer into seeing the bigger picture of their story, seeing it from beginning to end, and cramming it full of plot points they didn’t even realize existed! Whether a new writer or an established writer, you will find many helpful aspects of this book to work into your writing routine. Charts, worksheets, and many other helpful tips will seriously whip your story into shape!

*Charlotte Dillon’s Resources for Romance Writers

I have been using award-winning, Charlotte Dillon’s website for years. Chock-full of tips, guides, and reference links, you’ll find many helpful and interesting pointers for writing, including sample query letters, sample synopsis, and one of my favorites that I still use to this day, character analysis charts! Take some time to navigate Charlotte’s site, and have fun!

*Romance Writers of America

If you are seriously considering writing for publication, especially in the romance industry, joining RWA would be a big benefit. Not only are there sister chapters (per state) that you can join and interact with other writers, but RWA offers a well of information for all walks of writing, whether you’re just starting out, or seasoned. With a monthly magazine that includes contests, conferences, articles, etc., there’s something for everyone. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand offer chapters of RWA, as well as online specialty chapters, and those who do not live close to a home chapter but would like to interact/belong to a chapter of RWA. Check out the site, navigate around, and see all that is offered by RWA!

*Karen Fox

I still use this author’s writer’s references today. Karen lists a Market News section, complete with an up-to-date list of literary agents, publishers/editors, and a feature I especially enjoy and frequent often: Romance Deals. I like to keep up with what’s being sold and to who!

*Cindy’s personal tip for aspiring writers:

“Write what you love and know your characters.” All writers have their little tricks and routines that work for them, and that is what works for me. The better I get to know the characters I create, the more fully-dimensional they become on paper and the better the story flows. I’ve also had to carve a space of time out for myself so I have no distractions, and that time comes around 4 in the morning! No one else in my household is crazy enough to get up that early, so it’s perfect quiet time for me.

Good luck!!!!