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For those of you who aren’t familiar with me and my journey to publication, here it is in a nutshell: After finishing nursing school, I finally had the time to start reading for fun again—something I hadn’t done since middle school! I happened upon an old romance novel stashed under the cabinet at work. I finished it, and thought I’d like to find another. So off to the bookstore I went and after a few readings I discovered I loved the paranormal genre. I’d never thought about writing a book, but years and years before I’d created a story to scare my younger cousins and sisters about this deserted, spooky old house close by. Years later I found myself in the local library where I overheard two middle school boys talking about that same house and the same story I’d made up! It didn’t take long before characters and stories began forming in my own head, and finally, I gave writing a try (I still have that first try, too!).


After seven years of writing, learning, honing the craft, submitting, coming close, getting rejected, and entering contests, I finally hit the turning point in my hopeful career: I found my fabulous agent. Less than a year later my first two-book deal was signed with NAL, where I continue to happily write the books and characters of my heart!

My stories are set in the breathtaking countries of the UK. You can check out the Gallery and see some of my favorite pictures taken in Scotland, England, and Wales (I’ve yet to visit Ireland but I plan to!) that have inspired my story settings.

I’d like to give a special thank you to everyone for their loyal readership, wonderful emails and kind words. I try to answer everyone personally and really—it’s what makes writing so much fun! I love hearing from readers so drop me a line from my Contact page!

So kick back and stay a while, check out all the new features, sign up for my Newsletter, read my Blog, scroll through the Gallery, and enjoy!

Until next time,





Dunnottar Castle, near Stonehaven, northeast Scotland. This dramatic
14th century castle ruin is perched atop a giant shelf of earth that juts out over
the North Sea. I took this photo around 6am, and there was no one else about
except me...and maybe a few ghosties! I used this beautiful place as the
setting for Dreadmoor Castle in Spirited Away.


How's this handsome guy? A true Highland pony who
happily trotted up to the fence to let me pet him! This was taken on
the west coast, near Ullapool. Isn't he gorgeous?


Of course I had to give rolling in the heather a try, especially if I'm gonig to put the
event in my books! EEK! Heather is stiff! But still fun to roll in!
This pic was taken in the eastern Highlands.


Ardvreck Castle ruins, near Ullapool. I've listed another pic of this
haunting tower ruin before. It's one of my favorite places and
so perfectly eerie and cool! It sits at the shoreline of Loch Assynt
in the western Highlands, and was thought to be built around 1590.


Oops! How'd he get in here? :)
What can I say? Brendan Fraser is one of my most
favorite actors EVER, and his Mummy franchise is my all-time favorite.
I have adored his movies ever since Encino Man,
and he was the inspiration for my most recent hero,
Christian of Arrick-by-the-Sea. He is also the reader for a couple
(and hopefully more in the future!) of books by the fabulous author,
Cornelia Funke. He really brings Ms. Funke's characters
to life in the audio versions of Dragon Rider and Inkspell!!! What a great voice!


Castle Stalker, believed to have been built around 1446,
is a beautiful tower in Argyl. It's one of my favorites, and I actually
took this photo while sitting on a horse!


Oopsie, another of my favorites!
Gerry Butler has inspired many an author,
including myself! He was the inspiration for my hero,
Gabe MacGowan, in "MacGowan's Ghost"
(coming Feb 2009!). Fabulous Scottish actor! (and cute, too!)


Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah, GA has always been
one of my favorite places to go. There really isn't much left
of the old plantation house, but this dramatic oak-lined
drive has been used in several movies over the years.
I poked my camera through the wrought-iron gate to take the pic.
It gives the true meaning of 'haunting'!


This is one of my favorite photos over the years.
This dramatic Highland loch seemed to rise out of nowhere,
and I remember stopping the car, getting out, and just thinking WOW.
It gives the true meaning to "takes your breath away"!